• It's Back...and It's On!

    It's Back...and It's On!

    SEPTEMBER 1st, 2014!!

    JCSBC is proud to bring soap box racing back to Johnson County this year with our NASDA sponsored annual racing event this September. Races will start at 9:00am and go through out the day.


  • Fun Times with the Family!

    Fun Times with the Family!

    Click the video to the right to watch a short clip of a 1957 Fort Worth Soap Box race. Join us this year to create some of our own memories to keep this tradition and sport alive.

  • Driver Registration

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  • Rules & Regulations

    For the COMPLETE SET of rules click the tab below or the Race Rules tab at the top of the page.

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  • Sponsorship

    Thank you for your interest in sponsoring this event! The Johnson County Soapbox Classic is a sanctioned event of the National Adult Soapbox Derby Association. The focus of this event is to promote the amateur sport of soapbox derby racing and to encourage... 

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  • Vendor Request Form

    If you are interested in selling food, drinks, or other items please fill out the form below and submit your request and it will be reviewed and I will respond to your request to let you know if it has been accepted. Thank you for your interest in helping this event be a success.

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Learn about Soap Box racing history!

  • In the wake of the first car races, local kid auto races took place in the US at a very early stage. In 1914 the motion picture Kid Auto Races at Venice starring Charlie Chaplin was shown in the cinemas. 

    In 1933 Myron Scott, a photographer for Dayton, Ohio newspaper Dayton Daily News, put together an impromptu race for 19 boys. There was so much interest that Scott arranged a bigger race, with prize money for August 19. "An amazing crowd of 362 kids showed up with homemade cars built of orange crates, sheet tin, wagon and baby-buggy wheels...."


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