Rules & Regulations



Adult Division:  

Driver must be 16 years of age or older. Single driver with mechanical start. Prelims judged on speed, with a seeded double elimination bracket with side-by-side competition. First vehicle to cross the finish line wins the race. Decision of the judge(s) is final. In case of a declared tie, the race will be rerun.

Kids Division:

Driver must be 10 to 15 years of age. Single driver with mechanical start.  Prelims judged on speed, with a seeded double elimination bracket with side-by-side competition. First vehicle to cross the finish line wins the race. Decision of the judge(s) is final. In case of a declared tie, the race will be rerun.

Current proposed racing hours: Sunday Sept. 3, 2017:

Time Trials     1:30PM

Race               6:30PM


1. Car cannot be longer than 8 feet, 1 inch.

2. Car cannot be wider than 4 feet, 1 inch.

3.Car weight limit: 425 pounds with driver.  If the car is being used for two drivers the heavier driver will be weighed with the car. If your car has batteries for lights that are needed for special effects, Dry-Cell batteries are only allowed and must be included at the weigh in. No car, motorcycle or lawnmower batteries permitted.

4. Car must be steerable, capable of 90 degree turn on average street corner.

5. Car must have some form of effective braking system besides Fred Flintstone Feet.

6. Car must have a minimum of three wheels on the ground (your choice of wheels).

7. Cars must not be power assisted in any manner.

8 .Cars must have tow hook (or eye bolt) front and back so that they can be towed back to the pit area.

 9. After official announcement to move to the starting line, your team crew will be responsible for getting your car and driver to the starting line in a timely manner. Failure to do so may result in penalties or immediate disqualification.

10. NO Alcohol  - On site, In pits, and most of all IN DRIVERS. This is an alcohol free event! 

11. In the event of repairs, prior notification to Race Master will give 20-30 minute allowance in bracket competition. Vehicle must then be inspected for race worthiness. If there is any question about road worthiness, a road test of.e run may be required.

12. Both divisions may be entered but vehicle must have two age appropriate drivers for that division.

13. All drivers and riders must sign individual liability waivers. No exceptions. Age limits are from 16 on up. Those under 18 are required to have parent or legal guardian sign liability waiver at the racing site witnessed by Derby official.

14. Safety: Mandatory gear includes helmets for all drivers and riders (bicycle helmet or better), closed toe shoes (no sandals or flip-flops), Racing goggles are recommended. Seatbelts and/or harnesses are recommended. Safe racing is a must: you will not be allowed to race without being properly equipped.

15. Damages incurred during a race must be repaired or replaced before the vehicle can be declared race worthy and continue to race. As noted in Rule 12, if notification to Race Master is given, a time allowance may be given for repairs in emergency situations.

16. Failure to race in a sportsmanlike manner will result in automatic disqualification.

17. Mandatory Driver Meeting and Registration will take place track-side on the day of the race.

18. MANDATORY VOLUNTEER: Each registered car MUST provide one (1) volunteer. Each volunteer is required to work a 3 hour volunteer shift. Remember that this event will not happen without volunteers and its future depends on them. Volunteers must be 17 years of age or older and must be able to assist in the physical demands involved in the set up and/or breakdown duties. Volunteers will be scheduled within the following hours: Monday  7:30 am — 4pm.  Teams will not be allowed to race if your volunteer is not accounted for.

Each car may have up to two drivers in division I and each will be placed in separate brackets. In the event of each of the drivers reaches the Grand Finals, each can race for time in the Speed Division. An individual driver may enter than one car but needs a back-up driver in the event that his cars meet in the bracket. Extra driver registration will be allowed as long as there are brackets available that don’t have a separate car and driver. One car/one driver combinations take precedence over one car/multiple driver registrations.The Adult Soapbox Derby Association reserves the right to modify, amend, or add and delete certain of these rules prior to the event. All participants should check the event website for any changes. Race day modifications of rules may be made by the Race Master as a function of safety. Structure of the races may be altered due to either large or small number of entries to ensure everyone gets an equal opportunity to race and show their vehicle.